Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's Get Physical: CDs in the shops

Here's a quick list of (just) the physical goodies. CD singles, compilations, albums and what have you.
The ones listed are available in the shops, mostly local/national.
Click on the country's names to go to more detailed information.

Croatia: A 2-track cdsingle is available in Croatia.
Ukraine: Jamala released a 5-track CD EP, available in Ukraine.
Australia's entry is released in Australia on a 2-track cdsingle.
Germany's entry is out now on cdsingle including two versions of Ghost.
Estonia's Jüri Pootsmann has a cdsingle available with a fanbook and EP.
Details on promo only singles can be found in each country's section.

National Finals
Hungary, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark don't disappoint and continue releasing their National Final output on CD.
Iceland also has some interesting releases tying in with the 30th anniversary of the country's Eurovision adventures.

The Official CD
The 2CD with all 43 entries is out since on April 22. (Universal). The DVD set (3 discs) is on the cards for June 17.
The karaoke album is only available as a digital release.

Artists albums
Switzerland: The CD version of Rykka's album Beatitudes is released in Canada
Finland: Sandhja's album Freedom Venture is out on April 29.
Ireland: Nicky Byrne's long awaited solo album is released on May 6.
Jamie Lee Kriewitz (Germany) released her album Berlin on April 29.
Spain: Barei re-releases her album Throw The Dice now including Say Yay!
Netherlands: Douwe Bob released his new album Fool Bar (CD and LP) on May 6.
Austria's Eurovision entry can be found on Zoë's album Debut, released October 2015. A deluxe (re-issue) version is out now.
Donny Montell (Lithuania) has released his new album #BLCK in April.
France: Amir released his new CD Au Cœur De Moi on April 29.
Poland's entry was released on Michał Szpak's 2015 CD Byle Być Sobą.
Italy: The original Italian version of Francesca's Michielin's Eurovision entry is available on the CD di20are, a re-issued version of her album di20.

Quick Links to each country's page

Semi final 1

Semi final 2
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