Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Switzerland - The Last Of Our Kind - Rykka

Promo cds
18 - 28 pts in semi 2

Swiss-Canadian singer Rykka has won the preselection in Switzerland with the song The Last Of Our Kind written by Christina Maria Rieder (Rykka herself), Mike James, Jeff Dawson and Warne Livesey.
The song was submitted by German language broadcaster SRF after it was selected from an online voting pre-selection.

The Last Of Our Kind was already released as a digital single on Januari 8. (Little Jig Records).
Beatitudes, the new Rykka album is expected to drop this year and I'm sure The Last Of Our Kind will be included.
A remix, the Sonny Vice & Mark David Remode, was released on March 25

A promo cdsingle with three tracks is issued.
1. The Last Of Our Kind (original)
2. The Last Of Our Kind (Sonny Vice & Mark David Remode)
3. Movies (Acoustic version)

Digital release image
The Last Of Our Kind - single version
- digital release, stockholm 2CD, promo
The Last Of Our Kind - Sonny Vice & Mark David Remode
- remix digital release, promo cds
The Last Of Our Kind - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)
An acoustic version performed for Radio Munot can be heard here at Soundcloud

Links and sources
Rykka website and FB
SRF Eurovision pages

Remix DRI
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