Thursday, April 28, 2016

Azerbaijan - Miracle - Samra Rahimli

Digital release image
17 - 117 pts / 6 - 185 in semi 1

The Land Of Fire is represented in Stockholm by Samra Rahimli (Səmra Rəhimli) and her song Miracle.
The song is written by Amir Aly, Jakke Erixson and Henrik Wikstrom.

You can watch and listen here

The song has been released through most digital stores. (CAP-sounds).
A pack of five remixes (see versions below) has been released (CAP sounds digital release)
Some remixes are uploaded to Samra's Youtube. (see Versions).

At least two promo's have been released. A 1-track and a five track.

Wikstrom is the co-writer of 33 Melodifestivalen entries including one winner, Invincible by Carola (2006). Amir Aly has 10 MF entries to his name.
Out of nine entries for Azerbaijan, seven have been written by Swedish songwriting teams.

5-track promo
Miracle - ESC version
- Stockholm 2CD
Miracle - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital)
Miracle - Tomas N'evergreen and Graddus remix
Miracle - Kamil's Moombah remix
- remixes through Samra's Youtube
Miracle - Thomas Godel remix
Miracle - MAnGoo remix
Miracle - Promostella Club remix
- all five remixes: digital release

Links and sources
Samra Rahimli FB (new link)
Ictimai Eurovision pages

Remixes DRI
Former Azerbaijan entries
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2014 - Dilara Kazimova
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  1. The Single has been released and is available on iTunes (and probably other online stores).