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Malta - Walk On Water - Ira Losco

12 - 153 pts / 3 - 209 pts in semi 1

cds promo
Ira Losco, remember her?, the 7th Wonder (see below) chanteuse has taken 14 years to return to the contest.
In 2002 she ended 2nd and she hopes to take it one place year this year with Chameleon, the winning song of the 2016 Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

But someone decided the winner of the Malta Song Contest wasn't good enough and a new song Walk On Water was chosen.
The new song is written by Tim Larsson, Lisa Desmond, Molly Petterson-Hammar and Ira Losco.
Watch and listen here
Molly Petterson-Hammar was in this years Swedish Melodifestivalen where she reached the Second chance round with Hunger.

Walk On Water is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources. (PBS/Universal)
On April 8 a 2-track digital release has Walk On Water and another song Haunted By Love (Warner Music Sweden).

A promo cdsingle is issued and features four tracks.
1. Walk On Water
2. Haunted By Love
3. The Person I Am
4. Walk On Water (Instrumental)
It's available here at BeaRecords right now
(Jagged House/Warner Music Sweden)

Digital release image
Walk On Water
- Stockholm 2cd, promo
Walk On Water - Karaoke
- on official karaoke collection (digital release)
Walk On Water - Instrumental
- on promo cds

Ira wrote the Chameleon with Talkback (Howard Keith Debono, Peter Borg and Matthew James Borg)
She had another song in the Maltese selection this year, but That's Why I Love You was eliminated in the first round.

In total 10 Ira Losco songs have graced the Maltese Eurovision Song Contests.
2000 - Shine (6th)
2000 - Falling In Love (7th)
2001 - Spellbound (2nd)
2001 - Don't Give Up (4th)
2001 - Deep Inside My Heart (9th)
2001 - We'll Ride The Wind (11th)
2002 - 7th Wonder (1st)
2002 - One Step Away (3rd)
2016 - Chameleon (1st)
2016 - That's Why I Love You (semi)
2016 - Walk On Water - Eurovision entry

Picture from TVM news
Links and sources

Thanks to Nigel
TVM Eurovision pages, song change news at TVM
Ira Losco FB
Ira Losco at BeaRecords
Watch and listen to Chameleon (live)
Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2005

The entries Malta gave us in recent years:
2015 - Amber
2014 - Firelight
2013 - Gianluca Bezzina
2012 - Kurt Calleja
2011 - Glen Vella
2010 - Thea Garrett
2009 - Chiara III

Ira Losco's 1st Eurovision entry, 7th Wonder was the best placing for the island nation to that date. It was equalled by Chiara's Angel in 2005.
The promo and later cdsingle include the radio version, club mix and instrumental versions of 7th Wonder plus National Final song One Step Away.
An earlier version of 7th Wonder was released on the CD album Malta Song For Europe (with all NF entries) and the Ira Losco album Butterfly.

The picture on the right is a 3" inch cut cdrom with the single version and videoclip of the Eurovision entry.
Glorious days they were, I found the above promo, even before the contest took place, at a record fair bargain bin. How times have changed. 

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