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Moldova - Falling Stars - Lidia Isac

Digital release image
17 - 33 pts in semi 1

Lidia Isac is the winner of the Moldovan national final with her song Falling Stars.
Falling Stars is written by Gabriel Alares, Sebastian Lestapier, Ellen Berg and Leonid Gutkin.

Falling Stars is released as a digital single also including the karaoke version.
The original version as presented in the preselection is in a higher key than the final version. It also has a different intro.

A promo cd was issued with six tracks
1. Falling Stars (ESC version)
2. I Can't Breathe
3. You Believed In Me
4. Magia
5. Mainile Sus
6. Falling Stars (Kamaji Remix)
The remix by Kamaji can be also heard and downloaded (free) at Kamaji's Soundcloud.

Promo cds sleeve
Falling Stars - Final version
- Stockholm 2CD
Falling Stars - Original version
- videoclip (here)
Falling Stars - Kamaji Remix
- free download, promo cds
Falling Stars - Karaoke version
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)
A French version Pluie D'Etoiles (with lyrics by Francis Soghomonian) has been performed in an acoustic version but it hasn't been commercially released.

Lidia tried to get to Eurovision before, including a few tries as one half of the duo Glam Girls. (The other half being Alexandra Duc).
2015 I Can't Breathe - Lidia Isac
- (shared 13th (last) in final)
2015 Magia - Glam Girls
- (shared 13th (last) in final)
2014 You Believed In Me - Glam Girls
- (9th in semi, not to final)
2013 Celebrate - Cristina V. and Glam Girls
- (12th in final (of 14))

Picture from Lidia Isac's Facebook
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Lidia Isac FB

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  1. Single to be released on March 28th (cover already available on Itunes)