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Ireland - Sunlight - Nicky Byrne

Digital Release Image from Nicky Byrne's Facebook
15 - 46 pts in semi 2

RTÉ appointed former Westlife Nicky Byrne to boost Irelands reputation at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.
The artist and song, Sunlight, were disclosed on Januari 13.

Sunlight was written by Wayne Hector, Ronan Hardiman and Nicky Byrne himself.
Wayne Hector worked with Byrne before, as he wrote most of Westlife's No. 1 hits. Ronan Hardiman wrote music for Michael Flatleys dance shows.

The Sunlight single was released through digital stores on Februari 12.
It has the radio version, full version and instrumental (full version)

A 1-track record company promo (Radio edit) is issued for radio promotion.
In Stockholm a promo version of the Sunlight album (see below) was used for promotion.

7th Heaven
Two remixes by 7th Heaven have been made.
You can listen to both at Nicky's Youtube:
7th Heaven radio edit
7th Heaven Club remix
The remixes were released to digital stores on April 20.
7th Heaven are U.K. remixers Jon Dixon and Andy Wetson. Next to helping out superstars like David Bowie, Agnetha Fältskog, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Ariana Grande they have remixed several Eurovision entries in the past years Heroes, Euphoria, Unbreakable, Je Ne sais Quoi  and withdrawn entry We Don't Wanna Put In. They also gave this years entries of Dami Im and Justs a makeover.

DRI Sunlight Remixes
Nicky Byrne was reported to work on his solo album for a few years now, and it finally saw the light of day on May 6.
It is titled Sunlight, just like the single. (Out on Universal 54789319)
The album enters the Irish charts at No. 8.

Sunlight - radio edit
- Stockholm 2CD, radio promo
Sunlight - full version
- CD Sunlight
Sunlight - instrumental (full version)
- digital release
Sunlight - 7th Heaven radio edit
Sunlight - 7th Heaven club mix
- remixes digital releases
Sunlight - Eurovision Karaoke
- on the official karaoke collection (digital)
Irish top 100: 68 (in Februari)

Sunlight, the album, pic from Nicky Byrne Facebook
Links and sources
Nicky Byrne Website (new) FB
Watch the Sunlight lyric video at RTÉ's Youtube channel
RTÉ news article revealing Nicky.

Sunlight Album tracklist
1. Sunlight (full version)
2. Explosion
3. Song for Lovers
4. Pop Machine
5. Still the One
6. Some Things Always Seem To Last
7. Finishing Line
8. Broadway Show
9. Thank You
10. Pretty

The Irish entries of the past few years
2015 - Molly Sterling
2014 - Can-linn ft Casey Smith
2013 - Ryan Dolan
2012 - Jedward the second
2011 - Jedward
2010 - Niamh Kavanagh
2009 - Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy

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