Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Slovenia - Blue And Red - ManuElla

Digital release image, the right one
14 - 57 pts in semi 2

ManuElla won her Stockholm ticket by winning the Slovenian selection EMA with her song Blue And Red written by Marjan Hvala, Manuella Brečko and Leon Oblak

ManuElla (Manuella Brečko) already tried to get to Eurovision before. In 2011 she participated in Misija Evrovizija, a talent show style multi week happening. She ended fourth, and only the top three performed a Eurovision candidate song.

Blue And Red is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources. The first digital release image mentions the title Utopian Land, which is of course the Greek entry, but that was soon corrected.
There is a new version for Eurovision. Watch and listen here.
The single release is the new version.

You can download a ManuElla App (Apple and Android) through Manuella's Facebook.
It features music, videos, photos, competitions and all kinds of other interactivities.

promo cds

The promo cdsingle has the Eurovision version and a sing-along version.

ManuElla graduated as a music producer at university. She released her first single Il Futuro in 2013.

The wrong Digital release image!
Blue And Red - ESC version
- video, promo cds, digital release, App
Blue And Red - original version
- digital release
Blue And Red - Sing along version
- on promo cds, ManuElla App, official karaoke album (digital release)

Links and sources
Thanks to Jean-François and to Fabio.
Special thanks to Klemen and ManuElla for the promo.
ManuElla website and FB
RTVSLO has a clip of the live performance

Picture from ManuElla's Facebook
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  1. The song is now available on Itunes

  2. I bought it this morning, and, it disappeared from the list of sales on Amazon and iTunes, because the title is false "Utopian Land" Instead of "Blue and Red"

  3. Is there a video of the ESC Version?

  4. Is there a video of the ESC Version?

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zmG7Xgeb0o