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Armenia - LoveWave - Iveta Mukuchyan

promo cds
7 - 249 pts / 2 - 243 pts in semi 1

Iveta Mukuchyan (Իվետա Մուկուչյան) represents Armenia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.
Iveta participated in TV talent shows in both Armenia and Germany (where she lived from age 6 to 23).

The song is titled LoveWave and is written by electronic pioneers Lilit Navasardyan (a.k.a. Li'lith) and Levon Navasardyan (music) together with Iveta Mukuchyan and Stephanie Crutchfield (lyrics).
LoveWave was revealed on March 2, listen here at Eurovision TV's Youtube.

The song is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.
Two further versions have been recorded.
One with Michael Vosqanyan and band, which is
best described as an ethnic jazz affair, the other is a remix by Rhannes.
You can find these studio versions at Iveta's Soundcloud.
A promo cdsingle includes all three versions.

Iveta Mukuchyan  has released a few digital singles since 2012 including Yar Ari, Simple Like A Flower and Freak (with Lazzaro).

Digital release image
LoveWave - ESC version
- Stockholm 2CD, promo
LoveWave - with Michael Vosqanyan and band
- soundcloud, promo
LoveWave - Remix by Rhannes
- soundcloud, promo
LoveWave - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital)

Links and sources
Iveta Mukuchyan website and  FB
Listen to Iveta's music at her Soundcloud.

2015 Single Yar Ari, digital release image
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