Saturday, April 23, 2016

Macedonia - Dona - Kaliopi

Promo cds
11 - 88 pts in semi 2

MKRTV decided on Kaliopi (Kaliopi Bukle, Калиопи Букле) to represent Macedonia (F.Y.R.) in the 2016 contest.

The song, Dona (Дона) is written by Romeo Grill with lyrics by Kaliopi. It was presented on March 7.
Watch and listen here.

Dona has been released as a digital single.
A 1-track promo is issued.

Eurovision fans all know and love Kaliopi for her fab entry Crno i Belo (Black and white) from 2012, which finished 13th in the Baku final.

Dona - Original version
- Stockholm 2CD, promo
Dona - karaoke (instrumental)
- official karaoke album (digital release)

Picture from Kaliopi's Facebook
Kaliopi's Eurovision history starts in 1987, she almost made it in 1996 and you can read all about her previous entries and releases here at the Baku Collection.
Kaliopi's most recent album is Melem from 2013, but she has released several singles in 2015: Mojot Dom, Pozeli and most recently Jutro.

Links and sources
Kaliopi website and FB

Kaliopi's 2012 cdsingle Crno i Belo
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