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San Marino - I Didn't Know - Serhat

cds promo
12 - 68 pts in semi 1

San Marino surprisingly sent a Turkish singer to the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.
The singer is Serhat (Ahmet Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu) and his song is titled I Didn't Know.

The Eurovision entry is written by Olcayto Ahmet Tugsuz and lyricist Nektarios Tyrakis.
The song is in English but is also recorded in Italian (Non Ero Io), French (Comment savoir) and other languages*

The original I Didn't Know was revealed on March 9, But later it was decided to change the version going to Stockholm.
The so called Disco version is an edit of the Club remix of the first released digital EP, a second EP with new mixes was released on April 8.
It now has the Eurovision version (a.k.a The Disco version edit) as the lead track.
The original version is now named the Love version.

Watch and listen here (Disco version edit)

2017 Martha Wash
A new version recorded with none other than Martha Wash of The Weather Girls fame is released on November 3. Out digitally through Cap Sounds. CDsingles are also available (CAP sounds, no cat.numbers)
The cdsingle and  digital release has five versions of the song.
I Didn't Know - single version
I Didn't Know - Cutmore radio remix
I Didn't Know - Markus Adler remix
I Didn't Know - Extended version
I Didn't Know - Cutmore Club remix
Martha Wash was one of the Weather Girls who had a legendary hit with It's Raining Men in 1982. She's also the voice on 90's dance anthems like Gonna Make You Sweat  by C+C Music Factory plus Everybody Everybody and Fantasy by Blackbox.

The duet version enters the US Billboard Dance charts in May 2018:
Billboard Dance Club Songs top 50: 47, 38, 30, 27, 25, 25, 34, 35, 41

1st digital EP 
First digital EP tracks
I Didn't Know - original version
I Didn't Know - Markus Adler remix
I Didn't Know - Dance version
I Didn't Know - Promostella remix
I Didn't Know - Club remix a.k.a Disco version
I Didn't Know - Karaoke
- Released through the Cap-sounds label. Some digital stores have different subs (like Amazon has track 5 as Club remix, iTunes calls it Disco version)

Comment Savoir - French version
Non Ero Io - Italian version
- French and Italian digital releases, they are versions of the original mix (not the ESC mix)
I Didn't Know - single version with Martha Wash
I Didn't Know - Cutmore radio remix with Martha Wash
I Didn't Know - Markus Adler remix with Martha Wash
I Didn't Know - Extended version with Martha Wash
I Didn't Know - Cutmore Club remix with Martha Wash

2nd digi EP
Second digital EP Tracklist
I Didn't Know - Eurovision version
I Didn't Know - Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Mix
I Didn't Know - Cutmore Club Mix
I Didn't Know - Mike Rizzo Radio Edit
I Didn't Know - Cutmore Radio Edit
I Didn't Know - Eurovision version karaoke
- Released through the Cap-sounds label. 

Eurovision version also on the Stockholm 2CD
Eurovision karaoke also - on the official karaoke album (digital release)

A promo cd (cdr) was issued including 7 tracks
1. I Didn't Know - ESC Version
2. I Didn't Know - Markus Adler Remix
3. I Didn't Know - Love Version (= Original version)
4. I Didn't Know - Dance Version
5. Non Ero Io - Italian version
6. Comment Savoir - French Version
7. I Didn't Know - Extended Disco Version

The press kit also includes a USB with above 7 tracks in mp3 and wave formats, biographies, photos and San Marino info.
The cds is available at Bearecords.

DRI Italian version
Serhat (Ahmet Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu) is a singer, dentist, producer and TRT TV host from Istanbul. He started his TV career in 1994 and cut his first single in 1997.  In 2004 he recorded a single Total Disguise with one time Eurovision host Viktor Lazlo.
His most recent outing is Je m'Adore (in French).

The songwriters:
Tugsuz already gave us some classic Turkish entries: Hani (1982) and Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne (1987).
Tyrakis wrote the lyrics to Saki's Shake it (Greece 2004) and Love Me Tonight (Angelica Agurbash, Belarus 2005)

DRI French version
Links and sources
Serhat website and FB
Serhat at BeaRecords
Serhat's Youtube channel has Je m'Adore and other videos.
* SMTV press release

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  1. The Single has been released and is available on iTunes (and probably other online stores).

  2. The version listed as 'Club Remix' above is officially known as the 'Disco Version'. EBU confirmed that a 3-minute edit of that version will be used for Eurovision rather than the original. I'm not quite sure whether or not that's a could decision; the Disco Version sounds even more dated than the original.