Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The latest at the Stockholm Collection

Poland - Michał Szpak wins Konkurs Piosenki Eurowizji, promo updates, 2018 concert version
San Marino - Serhat didn't know, remixes out now, Goes Disco for STHLM, French, Italian versions out now, You need more remixes, updates. New 2017 versions with Martha Wash out now on cdsingle. 2018 US Club hit
Ukraine - Smile, Jamala made it to Eurovision! 1944 CD EP out now, Jamala Wins the 61st Eurovision Song Contest!, 1944 The Album, 2017 Symphonic version out now, 2017 Remixes
Switzerland - Rykka to Stockholm, remix out now, updates, Album version info.
Russia - Sergey Lazarev says You Are The Only One, Metal version, updates, Russian version, Paparizou duet version.
Bosnia-Herzegovina - BiH returns with Disco Deen and gang, download the song Ljubav Je. English version: Listen to Love Is All. 2017 Remix EP
France - Amir found the way to Stockholm, English version Looking For You, Spanish version Yo Busqué, updates, remix, deluxe album and acoustic version. 1 Year on French charts
Austria - The French Song for Zoë, updates, Debut Deluxe has remix, acoustic, French digital single release
Croatia - returns with Nina Kraljić, Listen to Lighthouse, cdsingle out now. Album out now
Bulgaria - If Love Was A Crime for Poli Genova, Chipmunk updates, corrections, Greek coverversion by Demy.
Cyprus - Minus One presents Alter Ego, promo update.
Slovenia - ManuElla's Blue And Red, get the App, updates
Moldova - Falling Stars for Lidia Isac, versions update, remix free download
Spain - Say Yay! to Barei. In the Spanish charts, new version, Throw The Dice re-issue, Six remixes out now
Czech Republic - Gabriela Gunčíková, Listen to I Stand. Updates
Latvia - Justs to Eurovision in a Heartbeat, remixes out now, another remix and even more remixes: 12 remixes and counting...
Sweden - MF CD details, MF charts update, Frans wins and goes quadruple platinum, Frans wins the chart race. 2 sets of remixes out now. Dinah Nah cover.
Israel - Hovi (made of) Star(s), it's a ballad now, versions updates, Sagi Kariv remix out now.
Ireland - Westlife's Nicky Byrne, Sunlight single, album and remixes released, updates.
Australia - Dami Im flies the Australian flag. cdsingle out now, 7th Heaven remixes released.
Georgia - Young Georgian Lolitaz Midnight Gold, updates
Malta - 8th Wonder, Ira Losco returns walking on water, updates.
Belgium - What's The Pressure Laura already scores #2 hit. Versions update.
Norway - Arctic Agnete breaks the ice and goes south to Stockholm, updates
Let's Get Physical - Quick list of CDs and cdsingles available in the shops
The Netherlands - Slow Down Douwe Bob, The Bar, The Fool, The LP.
Absent Friends - Who is in and who is out
Montenegro - Highway rocks The Real Thing, remix, updates
Highly recommended shopping: The 2016 OGAE ESC-zine
Germany - Jamie-Lee Kriewitz gives us the Ghost. CDsingle  out now. Berlin album details, Remix EP
Azerbaijan - Samra Rahimli, Listen to a Miracle, remixes by N'evergreen and some other DJs, more mixes
Finland - Sandhja Sings It Away, album on April 29.
Romania - A Moment Of Silence for Ovidiu Anton please
United Kingdom - Voices Joe and Jake unite for the kingdom, single, Cahill remixes
Iceland - 30 years of Söngvakeppni Sjónvarping, Greta Salóme to Stockholm
Lithuania - Donny Montell gets another chance, album #BLCK
Italy - Sanremo 2016 CD out now, Runner up Francesca Michielin
to Stockholm with revamped Sanremo song.
Serbia - Sanja Vučić ZAA band, Listen to Goodbye, free downloads
Albania - Eneda Tarifa wins FiK, Fairytale for Stockholm
Macedonia - Kaliopi the Third, Listen to Dona.
Hungary - A dal CD out now, Freddie wins.
Denmark - Compilation CD out now, Soldiers Of Love wins DMGP
Belarus - Ivan, flight instructor
Armenia - Iveta Mukuchyan listen to LoveWave, remix and jazz excercise
Estonia - Play with Jüri Pootsmann, cdsingle
Greece - Argo T.A.F.K.A. Europond to Stockholm, Listen to Utopian Land.

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