Saturday, June 4, 2016

Spain - Say Yay! - Barei

Promo cds
22 - 77 pts / not in semi

Spain is represented in Stockholm by Barei (Bárbara Reyzábal González-Aller) who won the Spanish final Obejetivo Eurovision with the song Say Yay!
Barei wrote the song with Rubén Villanueva and Víctor Púa.

The song was released in Januari through digital sources.
A new version was recorded and has also been released (digital).

You can also have a listen at Barei's website.

A 1 track promo is issued. (Universal)

Throw The Dice
Barei's 2015 album Throw The Dice will be re-released with some extra tracks. It will include Say Yay! and also Who Plays The Drums, the other song Barei sent in for the Eurovision selection.

Remixes DRI
Six remixes were released on June 3. Digital release through all you favorite digital stores and streamers. See versions for details.

Say Yay! - Eurovision version
- digital release
Say Yay! - first single version
- digital release
Say Yay! - Gelab remix
Say Yay! - AtellaGali remix
Say Yay! - Allan Ramirez remix
Say Yay! - Tremmme remix
Say Yay! - Julian The Angel remix
Say Yay! - Tom Siher remix
- all remixes: digital release
Say Yay! - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

2nd digital release image 1st version
Say Yay! enters the Spanish charts at Number 6!
Spain top 50: 6, 7, 40, 47, -, 3*, 32, 31, 29, 41, -, 25, 4, 26, 44, 39, 46, -
*re-entry after the release of the new version a month after the old one left the charts.
Sweden top 100: 63, -
France top 200: 184, -

Links and sources
Barei website & FB

New version DRI
Say Yay! to these Spanish entries
2015 - Edurne
2014 - Ruth Lorenzo
2013 - ESDM
2012 - Pastora Soler
2011 - Lucia Péres
2010 - Daniel Diges
2009 - Soraya

First digital release image
Throw The  Dice album re-issue DRI

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