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Russia - You Are The Only One - Sergey Lazarev

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3 - 491 pts / 1 - 194 pts in semi 1

Russian superstar Sergey Lazarev (Серге́й Лазарев) represented his country in the Stockholm contest.
The song, You Are The Only One was revealed on March 5.
The song is written by Philippe Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos, John Ballard and Ralph Charlie Fahel.
Watch the video here at Lazarevs Youtube.

You Are The Only One has been released as a digital single. A karaoke version has also been released.

On May 17 the single was released again, same version, but now under Lazarev's own label.

The promo cds has the Eurovision version and instrumental.
A promo USB stick is also issued. It turns out some (or all) are having some faults in audio and video, so prepare to be miffed when you spend a fortune on the promo USB at the bay.

Пусть Весь Мир Подождёт
A Russian version was released on July 29 (digital release through Sony music).
It's titled Пусть Весь Мир Подождёт (Pust' Ves' Mir Podozhdot, Let the world wait)
Helena Paparizou
A duet version with Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005) was released as a digital single in August 2016. It followed an appearance at the MAD TV music awards (Minos records)
DRI Russian version
Helena Paparizou

A duet version with Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005) was released as a digital single in August 2016. It followed an appearance at the MAD TV music awards (Minos records).
The digital single is a studio version.

You Are The Only One - Eurovision version
- Stockholm 2CD, promo cds*
New DRI May 17
You Are The Only One - introduction version
- via youtube, see below
Pust' Ves' Mir Podozhdot / Пусть Весь Мир Подождёт - Russian
- digital release, 2018 2CD V EpitseNtre (В ЭпицеNтре) (Sony),
You Are The Only One - karaoke
- digital release, Official karaoke album (digital)
You Are The Only One - Instrumental
- promo cds
You Are The Only One - with Helena Paparizou
- digital single

At the contest the song was shortened a little, as the ESC CD version is 3:07 .
The earliest (as far as I know) presentation version has some extra sounds at the beginning (before the bell) and at the end it's not cut off as abrupt as the Stockholm 2CD edit.. (Listen here).
*The version on the promo cds starts with eight seconds of silence, same for the instrumental version.

Singer, actor, dancer Lazarev started his musical career in the kids group Neposedi (Непоседы). The group (with ever changing members) included at the time Yulia and Lena of t.A.T.u. and Vlad Topalov (Владислав Топалов) with whom Lazarev formed the successful duo Smash! (СМЭШ!!) which lasted from 2000 to 2006.

CD Sergey Lazarev The Best, Russian edition.
In 2004 Lazarev entered the Russian National Final with the song Flyer (4th place).
In October 2015 Lazarev released a compilation album Sergey Lazarev The Best which includes Flyer (as The Flyer) only on the English edition.
The Russian edition has songs in Russian, the English edition has songs in English. Both are Russian releases, but I don't know if the Russian edition has been issued on CD.

Swedish Metallers Psyckadeli have created a fab and loud coverversion of You Are The Only One.
Check it out and read more about it Here At Eurocovers

Sweden top 100: 34, 68
France top 200: 53
Austria top 75: 40
Spain top 50: 49

Links and sources
Thanks to Nigel
Sergey Lazarev website (Russian) and FB

Sergey Lazarev The Best, English edition.
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