Monday, March 13, 2017

Bosnia-Herzegovina - Ljubav Je - Deen and Dalal with Ana Rucner and Jala

Digital release image EP
11 - 104 pts in semi 1

After a three-year absence Bosnia-Herzegovina decided to return to the Eurovision stage with Deen and Dalal with Ana Rucner playing cello and Jala doing a bit of rapping.

The song Ljubav Je (Love it) was presented on Februari 19 and can be downloaded at the BHRT (see links and sources below).
The song is written by Dalal Midhat-Talakić en Almir Ajanović.

A 4 track EP (digital) is out on April 3* which also includes the English version Love Is All plus an instrumental version and karaoke of the original version. (Tempo Production).
The release features a new verion with some added backing vocals and a slightly different arrangement.
Listen to the English version here at Tempo productions Youtube
* It seems to be postponed.
The original version is on the Official Stockholm 2CD

A single track Ljubav Je was released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.
(see versions below)
A promo cdsingle includes the Eurovision version, English version and instrumental.

Remix EP DRI
2017 EP
A digital Ep featuring 7 versions is released in 2017.
1. Ljubav je
2. Love Is All
3. Ljubav je (instrumental)
4. Ljubav je (Clubmix)
5. Ljubav je (Dubmix)
6. Ljubav je (Radiomix)
7. Ljubav je (Singback)
Track 1 is the ESC version, the singback is of the Radio mix
It's on Spotify under Various Artists so you'll have to browse with the title or use the spotify link below.
Thanks to Marek for spotting. (see comments)

Single track DRI
Bunny loving Deen (Fuad Backović-Deen) is still deeply carved in most Eurovision fans's memory for his dancetastic 2004 entry In The Disco. (8th place in Istanbul, 7th in the semi).
Dalal (Dalal Midhat-Talakić) once was a member of R'n'B Duo Erato and Deen and her have been friends for 20 years.
Ana Rucner is an acclaimed classical cellist from Croatia and Jala (Jala Brat) is a popular rapper from Sarajevo.

Ljubav Je - ESC version
Love Is All - English
Ljubav Je / Love Is All - Instrumental
Ljubav Je - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital)
- all above on digital EP, all except karaoke on promo cds
Ljubav Je - Original
- Stockholm 2CD
Ljubav je - Clubmix
Ljubav je - Dubmix
Ljubav je - Radiomix
Ljubav je - Singback

- the mixes are digital streaming releases


Links and sources
Thanks to Marek
Deen website and FB
Dalal FB
Download the song here at BHRT
Ana Rucner website, FB, Soundcloud
Jala FB
The entry is released by Tempo productions
Eurovision Collectors Guide 1956-2005.
Deen at Bearecords

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Deens 2004 In The Disco cdrom
So I dug up the old Deen's 2004 promo and it still works!. Technology has changed a lot since 2004 and nothing comes close to HD or even LD, but still a great item in anyone's Eurovision collection.
Deen's 2004 entry In The Disco was recorded twice. The first version was available at the BiHTV website, a new version was recorded for Eurovision and that one ended up on the (widely distributed) promo cdrom above.
In The Disco was written by Vesna Pisarović who represented Croatia in 2002 with Everything I Want (Sasvim Sigurna) ending 11th.
The disc features a TV show highlighting the Bosnia-Herzegovina entries from 1964 (for Yugoslavia) to 2004. Also included are the In The Disco video, lyrics and biographies.