Thursday, March 17, 2016

Serbia - Goodbye (Shelter) - Sanja Vučić ZAA

Digital release image
18 - 115 pts / 10 - 105 pts in semi 2

Sanja Vučić (Сања Вучић) represents Serbia in Stockholm. Or rather Sanja Vučić ZAA, the ZAA bit is the name from the band/project Sanja usually works with.
The song Goodbye (Shelter) is written by Ivane Peters.
The song was revealed on March 12. Sanja Vučić showcased both the English and Serbian versions in a TV show.
The Serbian version, Iza Osmeha (Иза осмеха) translates as Behind The Smile.

Watch and listen here and here (Serbian)
or Download here (mp3 or Wave files)

Goodbye (Shelter) is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.

Goodbye (Shelter) - English version
- Stockholm 2CD
Iza Osmeha / Иза осмеха - Serbian version
Goodbye (Shelter) - Karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)
- all also as free website downloads

Picture from RTS
Links and sources
Sanja Vučić ZAA FB
RTS Eurovision pages

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Italy - No Degree Of Separation - Francesca Michielin

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16 - 124 pts / not in semi

San Remo winners Stadio have declined their ticket to Eurovision so now it's up to Francesca Michielin to defend Italy's honours in Stockholm.
Michielin was the runner up in this years Sanremo festival with the song Nessun Grado Di Separazione (No degree of separation), written by Francesca Michielin, Federica Abbate and Cheope.

A bilingual version of Nessun Grado Di Separazione, No Degree Of Separation is the entry for Stockholm.
It has been released as a digital single through several digishops. (RCA records)
Watch and listen here

A promo cdsingle includes the Eurovision version and the original Italian version.

Nessun Grado Di Separazione was first released on Michielins album di20are, a re-issued version of di20, which was released last october.
The Sanremo runner up can also be found on the Sanremo 2016 2CD (see below).
Digital Release Image Italian version

No Degree Of Separation - English/Italian ESC version
- digital release
Nessun Grado Di Separazione - Original Italian abum version
- on CD di20are
No Degree Of Separation - ESC karaoke
- on official karaoke album (digital release)

Italy top 20* 1, 4, 9, 12, 16, -, 20
* Italian original

Sanremo 2016 CD
album di20are
A 2CD has been released with songs from the competition. One disc has songs that actually participated in the contest (Both from big artists and newcomers). The second disc features coverversions, performed during the coverversions night.
Not all participating songs are included, see tracklist below.
Francesca Michielins coverversion was Il Mio Canto Libero (Lucio Battisti, 1972) but it is not on the Sanremo 2CD and so far remains unreleased.

Links and sources
Francesca Michielin website and FB
The iTunes version of the Sanremo 2016 CD
Sanremo official pages (but loaded with ads and annoyance)

Italy's entries since their return to Eurovision.
2015 - Il Volo
2014 - Emma Marone
2013 - Marco Mengoni
2012 - Nina Zilli
2011 - Raphael Gualazzi

Tracklist CD Sanremo 2016
1. Patty Pravo - Cieli Immensi
2. Arisa - Guardando Il Cielo
3. Lorenzo Fragola - Infinite Volte
4. Annalisa - Il Diluvio Universale
5. Alessio Bernabei - Noi Siamo Infinito
6. Francesca Michielin - Nessun Grado Di Separazione
7. Neffa - Sogni E Nostalgia
8. Noemi - La Borsa Di Una Donna
9. Rocco Hunt - Wake Up
10. Zero Assoluto - Di Me E Di Te
11. Bluvertigo - Semplicemente
12. Dolcenera - Ora O Mai Piu' (Le Cose Cambiano)
13. Clementino - Quando Sono Lontano
14. Giovanni Caccamo E Deborah Iurato - Via Da Qui
15. Stadio - Un Giorno Mi Dirai
16. Enrico Ruggeri - Il Primo Amore Non Si Scorda Mai
17. Valerio Scanu - Finalmente Piove
18. Irene Fornaciari - Blu

CD2 (The coverversions) 
1. Arisa - Cuore (Heart)
2. Lorenzo Fragola - La Donna Cannone
3. Annalisa - America
4. Clementino - Don Raffae'
5. Zero Assoluto - Goldrake
6. Irene Fornaciari - Se Perdo Anche Te (Solitary Man)
7. Neffa - O Sarracino
8. Valerio Scanu - Io Vivro' (Senza Te)
9. Enrico Ruggeri - A Canzuncella
10. Francesco Gabbani - Amen
11. Cecile - N. E. G. R. A. 
12. Michael Leonardi - Rinascerai
13. Mahmood - Dimentica
14. Miele - Mentre Ti Parlo
15. Irama - Cosa Restera'
16. Ermal Meta - Odio Le Favole
17. Chiara Dello Iacovo - Introverso

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Albania - Fairytale - Eneda Tarifa

Digital release image
16 - 45 pts in semi 2

Albania selected their Eurovision entry for 2016 through the 54th Festivali I Këngës. The song, Përrallë (Fairytale), was written by Olsa Toqi and performed in Albanian at the national final.
You can listen to the studio version (and all the other FiK entrants songs) here at RTSH's Festivali pages.

Albania has often made major (and often very effective) changes to the arrangement of their Eurovision entries and it's the same this year.
The English version for Eurovision is titled Fairytale, lyrics by Olsa Toqi.
Watch and listen here

Fairytale is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.
A promo CD/DVD set is issued.
It includes the Eurovision version, karaoke, instrumental and Albanian version. Both in Wav and mp3 format.

Picture from RTSH
Third time lucky for Eneda, she entered the FiK twice before.
In 2003 (for the 2004 contest) she entered the song Qëndroj (Stay) which ended outside the top three.
E Para Letër (The first letter) ended 10th in the 2007 FiK (for the 2008 Eurovision)

Fairytale - English ESC version
- Stockholm 2CD
Fairytale - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital)
Fairytale - Instrumental
- on promo
Përrallë - Original Albanian version
- studio version at RTSH website

promo set
Links and sources
Thanks to Nigel
Festivali i Këngës pages at RTSH
Eneda Tarifa website and FB

Check out these Albanian entries:
2015 - Elhaida Dani
2014 - Hersi Matmuja
2013Adrian Lulgjuraj and Bledar Sejko
2012 - Rona Nishliu
2011 Aurela Gaçe
2010 - Juliana Pasha
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Estonia - Play - Jüri Pootsman

Digital Release Image
18 - 24 pts in semi 1

Play by Jüri Pootsmann is the winner of Eesti laul 2016, the Estonian selection for the Stockholm Eurovision Song Contest.
The song is written by Fred Krieger, Stig Rästa and Vallo Kikas.
Stig Rästa finished 7th last year with his duet with Elina Born: Goodbye To Yesterday.

Play has already been released as a digital single and cdsingle.
The cdsingle was released only in combination with Pootsmanns mini album and fanbook available at
A full album is expected in autumn (Universal)

The Stockholm promo cdsingle has the Eurovision and karaoke versions in a different sleeve.

Jüri Pootsman is the winner of the talent show series Eesti Otsib Superstaari (Estonia's searching for a superstar) sixt season (2015).
He has so far released one EP / Mini album with five songs including his debut singles Torm and follow up Aga Siis.

Play - Original version
- cdsingle, promo, Stockholm 2CD, digital single
Play - karaoke version
- on official karaoke collection (digital release, promo cds)

Links and sources
Jüri Pootsmann FB and Website (new)
ETV Eesti Laul pages

Mini album / EP
Don't forget these Estonian gems
2015 - Elina Born and Stig Rästa
2014 - Tanja
2013 - Birgit Õigemeel
2012 - Ott Lepland
2011 - Getter Jaani
2010 - Malcolm Lincoln
2009 - Urban Symphony