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Austria - Loin d'Ici - Zoë

Promo artwork
13 - 151 pts / 7 - 170 pts in semi 1

Last years host country is represented in Stockholm by Zoë and her French language song Loin d'Ici (Far from here).
Loin d'Ici is written by Zoë Straub and Christof Straub. Christof is Zoë's paps, who himself is very successful as a member of Austrian folk duo Papermoon.

The song was first released October 2015 on Zoë's album Debut. The Eurovision version was released as a digital single on Februari 5. All releases through Global Rockstar.
Debut entered the Austrian album charts at its highest peak: No. 5. (Tracklist is below).

Zoë (Zoë Straub) entered last years Austrian selection with the song Quel Filou (What a cheat) which can also be found on the album Debut. Back then her song (out of six) didn't make the final two. The song spent one week on the Austrian charts.
Follow up single Mon Cœur A Trop Aimé spent 16 weeks on the top 75, reaching No. 12.

Debut Deluxe
Zoë's album Debut gets a re-release on April 29 as Debut Deluxe. It includes the ESC version of Loin d'Ici as well as the acoustic version and a remix (see versions below) plus some extra tracks (Full tracklist at the end of this post).
The original album version of Loin d'Ici is not on the new Deluxe edition
The CD will be released in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. (Global Rockstar / Sony Music 0889853261925)
Digital release will be worldwide.

Digital release image
Loin d'Ici - ESC version
- digital release, CD Debut Deluxe, Promo cds, Stockholm 2CD
Loin d'Ici - Album version
- CD Debut, promo cds
Loin d'Ici - Acoustic
- CD Debut Deluxe, French digital single release, U.K. promo
Loin d'Ici - Stone Van Brooken remix
- CD Debut Deluxe 
Loin d'Ici - radio edit
- French digital single release
Loin d'Ici - Karaoke 
- Official karaoke collection digital release, promo cds
No other language versions will be recorded.

France DRI
The promo cds has the ESC version, karaoke and album version.
It comes in two different editions, one in card sleeve, the later one in jewel case (cd single case) with fold over and booklet.

A digital single was released in France on September 16. It features the radio edit, previously only released as video, the acoustic version and album track Devinez.

Follow up single Danse Avec Moi was issued as a promo in the U.K., this cd-r features the acoustic version of Loin d'ici.

jewel case cd inlay
Zoë's Loin d'Ici enters the Austrian charts at number 14, peaking at 13 after the contest.
Austria top 75: 14, 33, 39, 64, 53, 74, 68, 68, -, 70, -, 68, 33, 13, 50, -
Sweden top 100: 66, -
France top 200: 99, -
In the 2014 post about Conchita you can find a list with all chart results of Austrian Eurovision songs from 1965 to 2016.

Links and sources
Special thanks to Christof at Global Rockstar and to Pablo for the message.
Plus special thanks to ÖRF for the prize:)
Zoë FB
Zoë at Global Rockstar (new link) listen to Loin d'Ici and some other songs at the video page
Wer singt für Österreich pages at ÖRF
Listen at Spotify
The Youtube video also has digital shopping links

Austria's recent Eurovision gems
2015 - The Makemakes
2014 - Conchita Wurst
2013 - Natália Kelly
2012 - Trackshittaz
2011 - Nadine Beiler
No participation from 2008 to 2010 for Austria

Tracklist Debut Deluxe
1.         Loin D'ici - ESC Version (3:00 min)
2.         Devinez
3.         Danse avec moi
4.         Rien ne va plus
5.         Quel filou
6.         Adieu
7.         Mon ange
8.         Mon cœur a trop aimé
9.         Je t'aime
10.       Je m'en fous
11.       Rends-moi mon cœur
12.       Pourquoi alors je pleure?
13.       Loin d'ici - Acoustic version (4 :21)
14.       Devinez - Balduin Remix 
15.       Loin D'ici - Stone Van Brooken Remix (3:11)
16.       Royals
17.       Your Eyes 

Album "Debut"
Tracklist Debut (2015)
1.         Je m'en fous
2.         Devinez
3.         Danse avec moi
4.         Rien ne va plus
5.         Quel filou
6.         Adieu
7.         Mon ange
8.         Mon cœur a trop aimé
9.         Je t'aime
10.       Rends-moi mon cœur
11.       Pourquoi alors je pleure?
12.       Loin d'ici (album version)

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