Sunday, March 13, 2016

Albania - Fairytale - Eneda Tarifa

Digital release image
16 - 45 pts in semi 2

Albania selected their Eurovision entry for 2016 through the 54th Festivali I Këngës. The song, Përrallë (Fairytale), was written by Olsa Toqi and performed in Albanian at the national final.
You can listen to the studio version (and all the other FiK entrants songs) here at RTSH's Festivali pages.

Albania has often made major (and often very effective) changes to the arrangement of their Eurovision entries and it's the same this year.
The English version for Eurovision is titled Fairytale, lyrics by Olsa Toqi.
Watch and listen here

Fairytale is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources.
A promo CD/DVD set is issued.
It includes the Eurovision version, karaoke, instrumental and Albanian version. Both in Wav and mp3 format.

Picture from RTSH
Third time lucky for Eneda, she entered the FiK twice before.
In 2003 (for the 2004 contest) she entered the song Qëndroj (Stay) which ended outside the top three.
E Para Letër (The first letter) ended 10th in the 2007 FiK (for the 2008 Eurovision)

Fairytale - English ESC version
- Stockholm 2CD
Fairytale - karaoke
- Official karaoke album (digital)
Fairytale - Instrumental
- on promo
Përrallë - Original Albanian version
- studio version at RTSH website

promo set
Links and sources
Thanks to Nigel
Festivali i Këngës pages at RTSH
Eneda Tarifa website and FB

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  1. The song is now available on Itunes

  2. there are supossed to be 5 tracks on the promo cd, but there is not unplugged version included... dvd also does not play all the content it is supossed to have for me.

  3. And we have remix version of this also