Sunday, May 22, 2016

Georgia - Midnight Gold - Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz

20 - 104 pts / 9 - 123 pts in semi 2

The band Young Georgian Lolitaz will represent Georgia in Stockholm.
The song chosen on Februari 15 is titled Midnight Gold, written by Kote Kalandadze with Thomas G:Son.

Midnight Gold is released as a digital single on March 30 through the usual sources. (As Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz).
A promo has been issued. It includes audio and Quicktime video of Midnight Gold. It may not play on all CD players, but it works on PC and DVD players.

The band was founded in 2000 but has been changing members several times. They have lived and worked in London in the 00's and their music (and look...) can almost be qualified as Britpop.
YGL today are Nika Kocharov (vocals), Gia Iashvili  (bass, vocals), Nick Davitashvili (guitar, keyboard) and Dima Oganesian (drums).

A national final with five songs was held to select the entry for Eurovision. The songs were:
Midnight Gold
Sugar And Milk
Right Or Wrong
Pain In My Heart
The songs are no longer available at the TV GE site but Weagree is at soundcloud.

Digital release image
Midnight Gold - ESC version
- digital release, Stockholm 2CD, promo
Midnight Gold - first version
- videoclip
Midnight Gold - karaoke version (Actually instrumental)
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)
There was a lyric change. On the studio versions our Nika grabs a cigarette out of the bag. At Eurovision (semi and final) he grabbed some Farmer (s) Gold. It's a tobacco brand of sorts.

Links and sources
Young Georgian Lolitaz FB and Soundcloud
Nika Korachov FB
Thanks to Marek

Pic from YGL Facebook
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  1. The song is now available on Itunes

  2. For unknown reasons the song is not available anymore...