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Germany - Ghost - Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

CD single
26 - 11 pts / not in semi

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz is the winner of the German selection Unser Lied Für Stockholm. She will represent Germany with the song Ghost written by Thomas Burchia, Anna Leyne and Conrad Hensel.

Ghost has already been released as a digital single including three versions but an earlier release subtitled "from the Voice of Germany" was out in December.

A CDsingle is released on March 9  and includes two versions:
Ghost (From The Voice of Germany)
Ghost - Acoustic version
(TVOG/Sony 0602547 854391)

Ghost can also be found on the CD  The Voice Of Germany - Die Single Collection Staffel 5. and 2CD Bravo Hits 92 (Sony Music)
A shorter (3 minute) edit has been released through subscriber site Promo Only.

Three version have been released as a digital EP: Acoustic, Elėnne remix and Marcapasos remix.
This one and the album come under the moniker Jamie-Lee (without Kriewitz)

On April 29 Jamie-Lee will release her album Berlin. It includes Ghost and nine other tracks. (Full tracklist below). It's out on The Voice Of Germany label (through Polydor Universal)

Remixes DRI
Ghost - Eurovision version
- Stockholm 2CD
Ghost - single version (a.k.a From The Voice Of Germany)
- digital release and CDsingle, CD Berlin
Ghost - Acoustic version
- digital release, cdsingle
Ghost - Elėnne remix
- 1st digital single has single version, acoustic and Elėnne remix
Ghost - Marcapasos remix
- digital release, Remix EP has Acoustic,  Elėnne and Marcapasos remixes
Ghost - radio edit
- Pool promo only digital issue
Ghost - karaoke
- on the official karaoke album (digital release)

2nd DRI
Ghost already had a chart run (topping at No. 11) in December *and Januari.
German top 100: 59*, 11, 52, 81, -,  re:65, 12, 39, 47, 46, 52, 58, 61, 79, 100, 77, 78, 23, 59, 90
Switzerland top 75: 26*, -
Austria top 75: 65*, -

Links and sources
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz FB
Jamie-Lee Kriewitz at BeaRecords
ARD Eurovision pages

Album Berlin, Pic from Jamie Lee's Facebook
Tracklist album Berlin
1. Ghost
2. Lions heart
3. Mine
4. Berlin
5. Home
6. Wild one
7. The hanging tree
8. Visions
9. Remember the rain
10. Last dance

1st Digital release image.
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